Nintendo has released a new racing game called F-ZERO 99 for the Nintendo Switch. It is part of their Nintendo Switch Online-exclusive series, which includes games like Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35. F-ZERO 99 brings back the popular racing franchise to a Nintendo console for the first time since 2004.

F-ZERO 99 is an exciting and fast-paced game that allows up to 99 players to compete against each other in various racing modes. It can be quite challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the original F-Zero game. In this guide, we will provide some helpful tips and tricks to improve your gameplay.

First things first, let’s talk about choosing your ship. There are four different ships available: Blue Falcon, Golden Fox, Wild Goose, and Fire Stingray. Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses. For beginners, we recommend starting with the Wild Goose as it provides a balance between durability and grip. However, feel free to try out each ship in Practice mode to find your personal favorite.

Now let’s move on to some basic tips for beginners:

  1. Use the Practice mode: If you’re not familiar with the racing courses, take advantage of the Practice mode to learn them before competing against others.

  2. Get a starting boost: Press the ‘B’ button just before the race starts to get a boost of speed at the beginning.

  3. Slow down on recharge strips: If your Power Meter is low, slow down in the Pit Area to recharge it before continuing with the race.

  4. Slow down in general: With so many players on the track, don’t be afraid to slow down a bit and let others pass you. This will help avoid collisions and give you a chance to collect Super Sparks.

  5. Tap the accelerator around bends: Instead of using the brake (‘Y’ button), try tapping the accelerator as you take a corner. This will give you better traction and make it easier to navigate the turns.

  6. Use Speed Boost on straights: It’s best to use the regular Speed Boost (‘A’ button) on straight sections of the track to avoid crashing into barriers.

  7. Collect Super Sparks: These yellow orbs can be found along the track. Collecting them will fill your Super Boost meter and allow you to access the Skyway track.

  8. Bump into the golden car: When you see a big golden bumper car, bump into it to collect more Super Sparks and fill your Super Boost Meter quickly.

  9. Don’t forget your Spin Attack: Use the ‘ZL’ or ‘ZR’ buttons to perform a Spin Attack. Hitting other racers with this move will drain their Power Meter and potentially knock them out of the race.

Now let’s move on to some advanced tips:

  1. Use the Skyway strategically: Look for opportunities to use the Skyway as a shortcut and avoid difficult sections of the track.

  2. Master tight turning, drifts, and slides: Hold down either ‘L’ or ‘R’ buttons while taking 180-degree bends to initiate a drift or slide maneuver. This can help you maintain control of your vehicle during sharp turns.

  3. Knock out opponents (KOs): Knocking out other racers has multiple benefits, including refilling your Power Meter, extending its duration, and earning bonus points at the end of the race.

  4. Watch for the orange arrow: Keep an eye on the bottom of the screen for an orange arrow indicating if another racer is approaching from behind. This can help you prepare for potential collisions or attacks.

  5. Balance speed with caution in Grand Prix races: While it’s important to be fast, remember that crashing out in later laps can harm your overall championship standing. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe and focus on the bigger picture.

Now let’s address some frequently asked questions:

  1. How do Rivals work? Rivals are random players with a similar skill rating to yours. Beating them in a race will increase your rating, while losing to them will cause it to decrease.

  2. Do ship customizations and badges affect gameplay? No, they are purely cosmetic and only change the appearance of your ship. Feel free to customize your ship as you like in the Workshop.

  3. Will F-ZERO 99 be removed from Nintendo Switch Online? While we hope it stays, there is always a possibility that Nintendo may remove it in the future. However, F-Zero 99 was developed internally by Nintendo Software Technology, which might give it better chances of staying for a longer time.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you dive into the exciting world of F-ZERO 99!

What Children will Enjoy

  • “F-ZERO 99” is a fast-paced racing game that can be played with up to 99 players online.
  • The game has different racing modes, providing variety and excitement.
  • It offers a challenge for children who enjoy competitive gameplay and want to improve their skills.
  • The ability to choose from different vehicles adds an element of strategy and customization.

Key Facts

  • The post provides tips and tricks for playing the game, including advice on vehicle selection, cornering, using boosts effectively, and more.
  • There are beginner tips for new players and advanced tips for experienced ones.
  • The guide also explains how to use the Skyway strategically to gain an advantage in races.
  • It highlights the importance of collecting Super Sparks and using Spin Attacks to gain an edge over opponents.
  • The post includes frequently asked questions about rival players, ship customizations, and the future availability of the game.

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