The upcoming Sims game, currently known as Project Rene, is generating a lot of excitement. In today’s Behind The Sims community update, EA Maxis shared some interesting details about the game. One exciting piece of news is that Project Rene will be free to play! This means you won’t need to pay anything upfront to enjoy the game.

Unlike previous Sims games, Project Rene won’t have any energy mechanics or require a subscription. This means that you can play for as long as you want without worrying about running out of energy or paying a monthly fee.

After the release of Project Rene, EA Maxis will continue to support the game with additional content called DLC (Downloadable Content). However, they are planning to change things up a bit. For example, in The Sims 4, they released a DLC called Seasons that added dynamic weather to the game. In Project Rene, they might include this feature right from the start for free! Instead, future DLCs could focus on specific themes like winter sports.

Lyndsay Pearson, VP of Franchise Creative at EA Maxis, also mentioned that Project Rene was designed to co-exist with other Sims games. So if you’re already playing The Sims 4 and enjoying it, don’t worry! They will continue supporting The Sims 4 alongside the new game.

There’s even talk about having open betas or early access for Project Rene before its official launch. This means players might get a chance to try out and provide feedback on the game before it’s fully released.

Previous episodes of Behind The Sims have showcased some amazing new features like powerful creative tools and an expansive city to explore. They’ve also been working on improving lighting and animation in Project Rene.

It’s worth mentioning that while The Sims 4 went free-to-play last October after being a premium purchase initially (like previous main entry Sims games), Project Rene will be completely free right from the start.

We can’t wait to see what Project Rene has in store for us and how it will bring a fresh new experience to the world of Sims games!

What Children will Enjoy

  • The next Sims game, known as Project Rene, will be free-to-play, which means your child can play the game without needing to buy it.
  • There won’t be any energy mechanics or subscriptions in the game, so your child can play for as long as they want without any restrictions.
  • The game will have downloadable content (DLC), which are extra things that your child can add to the game. For example, there might be DLC that adds winter sports or dynamic weather.
  • Project Rene is designed to work alongside other Sims games like The Sims 4, so if your child already enjoys playing those games, they can continue to do so.

Key Facts

  • The next Sims game will be called Project Rene and it will be free-to-play.
  • Your child won’t need to worry about energy mechanics or subscriptions in this new game.
  • There will be DLC available for purchase that adds new features to the base game.
  • Project Rene is meant to coexist with other Sims games and may have open betas or early access releases.
  • The previous main entry Sims games used to require a premium purchase but The Sims 4 went free-to-play last October.

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