Nintendo has introduced a delightful new game called Pikmin Finder. It’s an augmented reality (AR) game that you can play on your mobile device through a web browser. The goal of the game is to find adorable plant-animal hybrid creatures called Pikmin hiding in different places around your home or neighborhood.


Once you spot a Pikmin, simply swipe up on your screen to pluck it and reveal hidden treasures that were tucked away. I gave the game a try myself and found Pikmin hiding in surprising spots like bookshelves, laptops, and even behind a radiator. I was amazed to find one sprouting from my husband’s headset while he was wearing it!


After collecting different types of Pikmin - Red, Yellow, Winged, and Ice - they set off on their own adventure to search for more hidden goodies. While they didn’t uncover a massive treasure like Smaug’s gold hoard, they did bring me some fun surprises such as a ‘Sphere of Fuzzy Feelings’ (which was actually a tennis ball), a ‘Cushion Cake’ (a waffle), and a ‘Stately Rubber Cutie’ (a bath duck). There are even more treasures waiting to be discovered!


To play Pikmin Finder, all you need is a mobile device with a camera like your phone or tablet. Just click on the link provided in this article to give it a try yourself.

Now let’s talk about the wider world of Pikmin. The most recent mainline release of the game received rave reviews from our very own Tom at Eurogamer. He praised its cute visuals and engaging strategy elements that make it suitable for both new players and long-time fans of the franchise.

Tom described how the game starts off slowly but becomes incredibly enjoyable once everything comes together. He even went as far as saying that it might be considered one of Nintendo’s best games in years! If you want to learn more about Pikmin 4, be sure to check out Tom’s review.

After writing this article, I couldn’t resist going back to find more Pikmin. And guess what? I discovered some hiding in The Captain’s floof! It just goes to show that these little creatures can truly be found anywhere.

So why not give Pikmin Finder a try and embark on your own adventure of finding these charming plant-animal hybrids in unexpected places? Happy hunting!

What Children will Enjoy

Pikmin Finder is a fun game where you can find cute plant-animal creatures called Pikmin hiding in your house. You can use your phone or tablet to play the game. Kids will enjoy exploring different areas of their home and finding these hidden Pikmin. Once they find the Pikmin, they can swipe up to collect them.

Key Facts

  • Pikmin Finder is a mobile browser-based AR game.
  • Players can move around their house or surrounding area to find hidden Pikmin.
  • Once found, players can collect the Pikmin by swiping up on their device.
  • The collected Pikmin will then search for treasure hidden in the house.
  • The treasures found include things like a tennis ball, waffle, and bath duck.
  • The game requires a mobile device with a camera (phone or tablet) to play.

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