American Truck Simulator is a popular game that lets you experience what it’s like to be a truck driver. The game started with just two states, but now they have added eleven more as downloadable content (DLC). This means there are still many more states to go before the whole country is included in the game.

The developers of the game, SCS Software, have recently announced that they are working on another DLC called Arkansas. This state is located in the south-central region of the United States and is known for its beautiful nature. It has three national forests, over 40 State Parks, and almost 9,000 miles of pristine streams and rivers like the Arkansas and Mississippi. Arkansas also has two mountain ranges called Ozark and Quachita.

In this new DLC, players will not only get to see these amazing landscapes but also travel through different towns and cities. These places will have industries, landmarks, and many more interesting things to discover.

SCS Software has been busy creating expansions for American Truck Simulator. They released an Oklahoma expansion in August and announced that a Kansas expansion would follow. Just last month, they also mentioned that work was underway for Nebraska. On top of all these new additions, they are also revamping the previously released California.

American Truck Simulator offers a non-violent gaming experience which makes it suitable for players of all ages. However, I must admit that I personally tend to crash into other vehicles on the road quite often!

Overall, American Truck Simulator is an exciting game with lots to explore and discover. With each new DLC release, players can enjoy even more realistic trucking adventures across different parts of the United States.

What Children will Enjoy

  • American Truck Simulator’s Arkansas DLC offers children the opportunity to explore and drive through the state of Arkansas, located in the south-central region of the United States.
  • They can enjoy beautiful landscapes, including three national forests, over 40 State Parks, and rivers like the Arkansas and Mississippi.
  • Children can also visit various towns and cities, where they will find industries, landmarks, and more.

Key Facts

  • American Truck Simulator has added eleven extra states as DLC so far.
  • The game aims to unite all states as one country under 18-wheels.
  • SCS Software, the developers of American Truck Simulator, have announced that they are currently developing an expansion for Arkansas.
  • They have previously released expansions for Oklahoma and announced upcoming expansions for Kansas and Nebraska.
  • SCS Software is also working on revamping the previously released California, one of the game’s original states.