Welcome to the world of “The Adventures of Robin Hood: Choose Your Adventure!” This co-op board game is designed for up to four players and is set in Nottingham during the 11th century. In this game, you’ll join forces with Robin Hood and his allies - Little John, Maid Marian, and Will Scarlett - as you embark on a series of exciting scenarios inspired by the legendary tales of this green-clad hero.

As soon as you open the box and see the game’s board, you’ll notice something special. The board depicts Sherwood Forest, Nottingham town, and the castle, and it features flippable pieces that can change throughout your gameplay. For example, if you search a specific spot or find an item, the board will reflect these actions by showing something appearing or disappearing in those locations.

In the introductory scenario, Little John finds himself imprisoned in Nottingham Castle due to his association with Robin Hood. As players control Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Will Scarlett (if playing with more than two players), and Little John himself, your mission is to help Little John escape from the castle walls. To do this, you’ll need to flip certain parts of the board to reveal guards who stand watch around the castle. This will be your first challenge!


Moving around the board is an essential part of gameplay. As Little John tries to escape from the castle without being seen by guards, Robin Hood must make their way over to Nottingham Castle to meet up with Little John once he’s free. Each player has three movement rulers they can use strategically. By placing these rulers in a line from one meeple (a game piece) on the board to another meeple, players can travel across different areas on the board while considering obstacles like trees or buildings.

The movement gameplay in “The Adventures of Robin Hood” isn’t just about moving pieces; it adds depth to your immersion in the game’s story. Planning your movement, one meeple at a time, and navigating around objects and guards on the board makes you feel like you’re truly embodying Robin Hood and Little John. You can even interact with elements on the board, such as using a rope to climb down a wall. These interactions add to the overall storytelling experience.

To guide you through the game’s story, there’s a physical hardcover book included. This book narrates the plot events and provides instructions for each scenario. When certain conditions are met or rounds pass, the player in charge of narration reads a new passage or turns a page to reveal changes in both the story and gameplay rules. For example, when Prince John arrives at Nottingham Castle, hope in the town decreases, which can lead to defeat if it runs out. The board itself also reflects these changes by flipping tiles to represent Prince John’s journey.

When players investigate specific areas on the board, they must read related passages in the book. These passages explain what happens when they interact with something and how it affects their progress - similar to classic Fighting Fantasy books. To keep track of your progress, you can use different-colored bookmarks as save points before continuing with your main quest.

Overall, “The Adventures of Robin Hood” may not look extraordinary at first glance, but it offers an incredibly engaging gaming experience for families. The gameplay mechanics are straightforward yet unique, allowing players of all ages to enjoy this tabletop adventure together. Get ready to immerse yourselves in Robin Hood’s world and create unforgettable memories!

What Children will Enjoy

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood is a co-op board game that takes place in Nottingham during the 11th century.
  • Players take on the roles of Robin Hood and his allies, Little John, Maid Marian, and Will Scarlett.
  • The game features a unique board with flippable pieces that change throughout the game to reflect events.
  • Players must work together to help Little John escape from Nottingham Castle and meet up with Robin.
  • Movement in the game is done using rulers, which adds to the immersion and story experience.
  • The game is narrated through a physical book, with passages read out as players progress.
  • Interacting with objects on the board affects gameplay and progress.
  • Players can save their progress using bookmarks.

Key Facts

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood is an innovative family board game that offers an immersive and accessible tabletop experience.
  • The game features cooperative play for up to four players.
  • The unique board design and movement mechanics add to the storytelling experience.
  • Gameplay is straightforward, making it easy for children to understand and enjoy.