Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, is all set to unveil its revamped mobile app this year, aiming to elevate user experience and offer a host of exciting features. In an open letter penned by CEO Dan Clancy, the company outlined its strategic plans to enhance mobile friendliness, support streamers, and upgrade the Clip Editor tool.

Upcoming Features Unveiled at TwitchCon Paris

At the recent TwitchCon Paris event, several upcoming features for the mobile app were announced. These include the introduction of Stories and a Discovery Feed. The Discovery Feed promises to be a game-changer as it will provide users with a scrollable interface showcasing live streams, clips, and personalized content recommendations.

Seamless Transactions and Enhanced Engagement

With the redesigned app, users can look forward to convenient transactions on the go. The ability to purchase subscriptions, gift subs, and Bits directly from their mobile devices will undoubtedly streamline the viewing experience. Additionally, Hype Trains will be optimized for mobile platforms, ensuring seamless participation in these engaging events.

Innovative Streaming Tools

One of the standout features of the updated app is the debut of Mobile Mod View on iOS devices. This feature will empower streamers by offering them an intuitive interface for moderating their streams even while they are away from their desktop setups. Furthermore, the Stream Together feature will enable streamers to collaborate seamlessly on a single stream, fostering more interactive and engaging content.

Community-Centric Approach

Twitch’s commitment to fostering a positive community shines through in its efforts to tackle harassment and enhance enforcement systems. By updating community guidelines and implementing stricter policies against harassment, Twitch is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all users.

Empowering Streamers and Enhancing Revenue Opportunities

Jeremy Forrester, Product VP at Twitch, emphasized the platform’s dedication to helping streamers grow their communities through familiar user experiences and short-form content. Additionally, Twitch has expanded its Plus Programme, allowing streamers to earn higher revenue splits—a move aimed at incentivizing content creators and rewarding their contributions.

Exciting Events on the Horizon

As part of its global outreach efforts, Twitch has announced that TwitchCon EU will be held in Rotterdam—an event that promises to bring together creators and fans from around the world. This gathering is sure to be a celebration of creativity and community within the Twitch ecosystem.

As Twitch gears up for the launch of its redesigned mobile app packed with innovative features and enhanced capabilities for both streamers and viewers alike. The platform’s focus on user experience, community building, and revenue opportunities signals an exciting phase ahead for one of the leading names in live streaming. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this thrilling journey with Twitch!

Key Facts

  • Twitch is revamping its mobile app in 2022 for a better user experience.
  • CEO Dan Clancy’s open letter outlines plans to enhance mobile friendliness, support streamers, and improve Clip Editor.
  • TwitchCon Paris announced upcoming features like Stories and Discovery Feed on the mobile app.
  • The redesigned app will offer a scrollable Discovery Feed with live streams, clips, and personalized suggestions.
  • Users can easily buy subscriptions, gift subs, and Bits on mobile; Hype Trains will be optimized for the platform.
  • A Mobile Mod View will debut on iOS for easier stream moderation away from desktops.
  • Stream Together feature allows streamers to collaborate on a single stream, and new incentives encourage viewer support.
  • Twitch focuses on reducing harassment, updating enforcement systems, and enhancing community guidelines adherence.
  • Product VP Jeremy Forrester emphasizes helping streamers grow communities with familiar UX and short-form content.
  • Twitch expanded its Plus Programme for streamers to earn higher revenue splits; TwitchCon EU will be held in Rotterdam.