The indie game WHAT THE GOLF? on the Nintendo Switch has just received a free update titled ‘SLIME TIME,’ bringing a burst of chaos and fun to the golf lab. In this update, players can expect an array of new levels, a revamped overworld, and plenty of green gooey surprises.

The ‘SLIME TIME’ Update Unleashed

The ‘SLIME TIME’ update for WHAT THE GOLF? on the Nintendo Switch has arrived, injecting the game with a playful dose of slime-induced mayhem. As players dive into the golf lab, they are greeted with over 50 fresh levels to tackle. These new challenges promise to keep even the most seasoned golfers on their toes, thanks to the addition of slime and other unexpected twists.

A Gooey Adventure Awaits

Prepare for a slimy adventure as you navigate through the updated overworld in WHAT THE GOLF?. With an infusion of green gooey fun, players will find themselves immersed in a world where chaos and laughter go hand in hand. The developers have ensured that each level is packed with absurd challenges and unique physics-based antics that will leave you both entertained and puzzled.

With the ‘SLIME TIME’ update for WHAT THE GOLF? on the Nintendo Switch, players can look forward to an exhilarating mix of silliness, challenge, and fun. Dive into this world of green goo and quirky golf adventures as you explore new levels, navigate through a revamped overworld, and take on absurd challenges that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

Key Facts

  • WHAT THE GOLF? indie game on Nintendo Switch receives free SLIME TIME update
  • Chaos ensues in the golf lab, with slime and surprises taking center stage
  • Enjoy 50+ new levels, a fresh overworld, and loads of green gooey fun
  • Experience silly physics-based golf antics with unique twists and absurd challenges

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