Mario vs. Donkey Kong, a popular game series by Nintendo, is coming to the Switch in February. This new version of the game is based on the original one released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance.

In Mario vs. Donkey Kong, you control Mario as he tries to solve puzzles and navigate through different platform stages to save the mini-Marios. Each level has a key that you need to collect and bring to the exit. It’s not easy though! You’ll have to use your observation skills and think carefully about how to overcome obstacles using levers, platforms, and other tricks.

The exciting news about this upcoming release is that you will be able to play with a friend! Imagine teaming up with someone else and working together to solve puzzles and rescue the mini-Marios.

We don’t have much more information right now, but as the release date of February 16th next year gets closer, we can expect Nintendo to reveal more details about this updated version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong. So get ready for some fun and challenging platform-puzzling action on your Switch!

What Children will Enjoy

Children will enjoy playing Mario vs. Donkey Kong on the Nintendo Switch. It is a platform-puzzle game where Mario has to solve puzzles and rescue mini-Marios. Each level has obstacles and challenges that require observation and thinking skills to overcome. The game also allows for multiplayer, so children can play with a friend.

Key Facts

  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong is coming to the Nintendo Switch in February.
  • It is an updated version of the 2004 Game Boy Advance original.
  • The goal is to rescue mini-Marios by solving puzzles and reaching the exit.
  • The game requires observation, thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • It will have multiplayer functionality for children to play with friends.

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