The Pokémon Company Shanghai recently delighted fans by releasing a heartwarming animated short just in time for the Chinese New Year festivities. This special animation not only features beloved Pokémon characters but also highlights the importance of friendship, family, and traditional Chinese celebrations.

Pokemon: Dreaming of good times

The short film is a delightful blend of Pokémon elements intertwined with the spirit of the Chinese New Year. Viewers are treated to scenes of Pikachu, Eevee, and their friends engaging in various festive activities such as exchanging gifts, sharing meals with family, and participating in traditional customs like dragon dances and fireworks displays.

What makes this animated short truly special is its focus on cultural appreciation. The creators have seamlessly integrated elements of Chinese traditions into the Pokémon world, offering a unique and refreshing twist that resonates with audiences worldwide. By infusing the storyline with these cultural references, the animation serves as a beautiful homage to Chinese heritage while also celebrating diversity and inclusivity.


Furthermore, this release underscores The Pokémon Company’s commitment to embracing global traditions and fostering a strong bond with its fan community. Through initiatives like this animation, the franchise demonstrates its dedication to creating content that not only entertains but also educates and promotes cross-cultural understanding. By acknowledging and celebrating different customs and practices, The Pokémon Company continues to showcase its love and appreciation for fans from diverse backgrounds around the world.

In conclusion, The Pokémon Company Shanghai’s Chinese New Year animated short is a delightful celebration of friendship, family, and tradition within the vibrant world of Pokémon. With its charming blend of cultural elements and heartfelt storytelling, this animation serves as a shining example of how popular media can bridge gaps between different cultures and bring joy to fans everywhere.

Key Facts

  • Pokémon Company Shanghai releases animated short for Chinese New Year
  • Animation features Pokémon, friends, family, and traditional Chinese celebrations
  • Short showcases cultural appreciation with special Pokémon twist
  • The franchise embraces global traditions and shows love for its fan community


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