Recently, a special Pokémon Trading Card Game Trainer card was sold at an auction for a whopping $132,000! This card is very rare and features a picture of a former competitive player named Takahiro Ikeda. The card is known as the 2001 Pokémon Japanese Neo Summer Battle Road National No. 2 Trainer card.

The company that organized the auction, Pwcc Marketplace, mentioned that this particular card received a rating of Gem Mint 10 from Certified Guaranty Company. It has a cool holofoil background with an image of the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh on it.

Front of the card showing the trainer Takahiro Ikeda

Front of the card showing the trainer Takahiro Ikeda

Pokemon card back. Has the name Pocket Monsters on it.

Pokemon card back. Has the name Pocket Monsters on it.

You might be wondering why this card is so special. Well, normally trading cards don’t have real people’s faces on them. But back in 2011, the organizers of the New Summer Battle event thought it would be cool to make promotional Trainer cards for the top three players in both the junior and senior divisions. These players had competed in seven events across Japan using a system called the Hall of Fame System which ranked their cards and gave them a certain budget for their decks.

Takahiro Ikeda was one of those top players, so he received his own unique Trainer card with his picture on it. According to PWCC, there are only about 20 cards like this one in existence!

CardLadder, a platform that tracks collectible values, says that $132,000 is the highest amount ever paid for a Trainer card from this tournament. It’s really impressive considering Ikeda finished as the runner-up in his division! Another interesting fact is that there have been other rare Pikachu Trainer cards sold recently for even higher prices.

These days, Pokémon cards have become extremely popular and valuable. People love collecting them because they’re hard to find and they remind us of our favorite Pokémon characters. Even though livestreams of people opening booster packs might not be as popular now as they were before, there are still many people who are willing to pay big money for these ultra-rare cards.

So, it’s no surprise that this special Pokémon card featuring Takahiro Ikeda sold for such a record-breaking price. It’s a piece of Pokémon history and a true collector’s item!

What Children will Enjoy

  • Children who enjoy Pokémon and collecting trading cards will find this blog post interesting.
  • They can learn about a special Pokémon card featuring a real-life Pokémon player.
  • The card sold for a record-breaking $132,000 at an auction.
  • It is a rare card with only around 20 believed to exist.

Key Facts

  • A Pokémon Trading Card Game Trainer card featuring a photograph of former competitive player Takahiro Ikeda was sold at auction for $132,000.
  • The card has a cosmos holofoil background and was rated Gem Mint 10 by Certified Guaranty Company.
  • Only about 20 of these special cards are thought to exist.
  • The card was printed as a promotional prize for the top three players in the 2011 New Summer Battle event.
  • This type of card is very valuable and sought after by collectors.


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