I recently had the chance to play Numbsters, a fascinating game by Milan Zivkovic. This wallet-sized game is perfect for solo play and will definitely challenge your brain. Let’s dive into the details!


Numbsters is a hand-management game that only takes about 10 minutes to play. The objective of the game is simple: you want to be left with just one card on top of the Mouth card to win.


To start, set aside the Mouth card (marked with 8) while shuffling the remaining 17 Numbster cards to form a deck. Draw 6 Numbster cards and shuffle them in with the Mouth card to create a hand of 7 cards called “the stack.” From this point on, you cannot change the order of your stack.


During each turn, you will Draw, Move, and Eat. Draw one card from the deck and place it on top of your stack. Then, you can choose to move one card in your stack or swap two cards. If two sequential Numbster cards surround the Mouth card (meaning they differ by one), the smaller number eats the bigger number, and the bigger card is discarded. There are also special eating rules that can be used instead of the basic rule if you find it advantageous. After eating, if there is only one Numbster left on top of the Mouth card, congratulations! You’ve won!


Playing Numbsters may seem easy at first, but it quickly becomes challenging as you try to make strategic decisions to win. Understanding how each card works is crucial for success. Don’t solely rely on lucky moves or sequential eating rules; explore different strategies using special rules as well.

One thing I noticed is that sometimes luck plays a role in your starting hand and where you place the Mouth card in your stack. It would have been nice to have a set position for the Mouth card, so you can focus more on planning your moves rather than buying time in the beginning.

Overall, Numbsters is a satisfying game that will test your brainpower. If you enjoy puzzles and hand-management games, this one is definitely worth a try. However, be prepared for a challenge and don’t give up easily. The game offers replayability with different win condition challenges, adding to its value.

Final Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Stars) - A wallet game that will keep solo gamers entertained with its brain-burning gameplay.


  • Satisfying puzzle experience for solo play

  • Replayability with win condition challenges

  • Special rules add depth to the gameplay


  • Not recommended for those who give up easily or have limited experience with hand-management games

  • Balancing issues may affect gameplay enjoyment

What Children will Enjoy

  • Numbsters is a fun and challenging game that kids will enjoy playing on their own.
  • The game is compact and easy to carry around, making it perfect for playing anywhere.
  • Kids will have to use their brains and make strategic decisions to win the game.
  • The eating rules in the game add an exciting twist and make each playthrough unique.

Key Facts

  • Numbsters is a solo hand management game designed for one player.
  • It takes about 10 minutes to play, which makes it ideal for short bursts of entertainment.
  • The game consists of 18 cards, including special Numbster cards with unique eating rules.
  • The goal of the game is to have only one card remaining on top of the Mouth card to win.
  • Players need to carefully manage their hand of cards and plan their moves strategically.