The Weird Dream, a new game for Nintendo Switch, takes inspiration from beloved titles like Castlevania and Metroid. Dive into a thrilling adventure as you navigate a handcrafted fantasy world with a unique twist.


Embark on this epic journey as a chainsaw-wielding bunny, ready to face the challenges that await in Alpha City. Prepare to confront over 40 distinct bosses, each presenting their own set of obstacles and phases. Level up your skills strategically to unravel the mysteries surrounding the city’s demise.


  • Tight Controls: The game offers responsive controls that are intuitive to pick up yet require skill to master, ensuring an engaging gameplay experience.

  • Adaptable Rune System: Experiment with various abilities through an adaptable rune system, allowing you to tailor your combat style for different encounters.

  • Fragmented Narratives: Uncover the dark secrets of the world through fragmented narratives scattered throughout the game, adding depth to the immersive storyline.

  • Boss Battles: Engage in intense battles with over 40 bosses to earn substantial rewards and progress further in your quest.

  • Open-World Exploration: Immerse yourself in seven distinct biomes and explore over 300 intricately designed areas in an expansive open-world environment.

  • Visual Treats: Delve into the mythical world of The Weird Dream through captivating hand-drawn comics and enjoy the flexibility of multiple language options for enhanced accessibility.

Prepare yourself for a gaming experience like no other with The Weird Dream. Explore, battle, and uncover the truth behind Alpha City’s downfall in this captivating blend of action and mystery.

Key Facts

  • Play as a chainsaw-wielding bunny in a handcrafted fantasy world.
  • Face over 40 unique bosses with different challenges and phases.
  • Level up skills to uncover the truth behind Alpha City’s destruction.
  • Tight controls make gameplay easy to learn but challenging to master.
  • Experiment with abilities using an adaptable rune system for unique combat styles.
  • Discover the world’s dark secrets through fragmented narratives.
  • Battle over 40 bosses to earn generous rewards.
  • Explore seven distinct biomes and over 300 detailed areas in an open-world setting.
  • Dive into the game’s mythical world through hand-drawn comics and multiple language options.

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